The Church of Christ the King

2017, Saturday

Saturday 3oth 11:00-16:00
Please note: maximum capacity on each tour is 25 people.

A radical commission in 1927 by Rev. Daniel Cohalan D.D Bishop of Cork, led to the design of this iconic church by Chicago based architect and former student of Frank Lloyd Wright, Barry Byrne. Technologically innovative, the Church of Christ the King was the first church in Ireland to be built from concrete and was very likely to be one of the first large-scale applications of reinforced concrete construction in Ireland. Its wooden ceiling makes it one of the largest suspended-ceiling churches in Europe. Opened in 1931, the church is based on the principles of art deco making strong use of symmetry and geometric forms, resulting in a dramatic interior when light penetrates the concrete facade.

Designed by: Barry Byrne
Date: 1931
Location: Turner’s Cross

Learn more about this building on the NIAH website:
Christ the King Roman Catholic Church

Photo credit: Clare Reidy