St. Angela’s College


Saturday 30th September 14:00-16:00

St Angela’s College is situated on a steeply sloping mid-block site on Patrick’s Hill in Cork city centre. The existing school acquired the neighbouring convent site, allowing it to expand on this restricted urban plot. New interventions work their way down the hill, passing between existing historic buildings. A continuous external route from top to bottom negotiates the 18-metre drop in site levels, connecting orchard garden, courtyards, classrooms, and playgrounds.

Four nineteenth-century buildings were refurbished and two new purpose-designed buildings were added, one for sciences and one for arts. The biggest challenge was to incorporate a full-size sports hall on this con ned hillside. A clear-span concrete structure is located on the lowest part of the site. Its roof, at the level of the entrance from the street, makes new ground on the site and provides a sunny terrace and ball- court with views out over the city below.

Designed by: O’Donnell & Tuomey
Date: 2015
Location: St. Patrick’s Hill