“The Destruction of Memory” @ the Gate Cinema

Saturday 1st October 11:30-13:30

In association with Cork Film festival and the Gate Cinema Cork, we are delighted to host a screening of the acclaimed The Destruction of Memory, directed by Tim Slade. Based on the book of the same name by Robert Bevan, this evocative and visually striking documentary tells the story of the war against culture, and the battle to save it. Looking not just at the ongoing actions of Daesh (ISIS) and at other contemporary situations, but revealing the decisions of the past that allowed the issue to remain hidden in the shadows for so many years, Slade follows the phenomenon of the destruction of cultural monuments in the Middle East and Eastern Africa and its effect on these countries identities. This stunning and thought-provoking work is a must see for those with an interest in documentary film-making, architecture, history, culture, heritage and politics alike. This is a family friendly event, however children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times.


Location: The Gate Cinema, North Main Street