Seventh Day Adventist Church / Former Cork Synagogue

2017, Sunday

Sunday 1st 14:00-17:00

10 South Terrace was a former Jewish Synagogue built by the Jewish people around the turn of the 20th Century. As the one and only synagogue built in this city, it carries with it memories of the involvement of the Jewish people in the City of Cork. Due to many of the
congregants emigrating to other areas this led to the decline in attendance and so on 7th February 2016, 10 South Terrace was formerly deconsecrated and later sold to the Seventh- day Adventist Church.

In September 2016, the Cork City Council agreed to designate this building as a protected structure. Though it has been refurbished to a large extent, the overall structure and some original features have been preserved.

Location: No. 10 South Terrace,Cork city

Date:c. 1900

Designed by: Unknown, Jack Coughlan & Associates