Nano Nagle Place

2017, Sunday

Sunday 1st 10:00 – 13:00
Please note: maximum capacity on each tour is 25 people.

The wonderful complex of buildings at Nano Nagle Place form a rich architectural assemblage. The triangular wedge of land upon which it sits appears in early maps of Cork. When it came into the possession of the Nagle family is unclear, but when they passed it to Nano Nagle and she in turn passed it to her community, the function and shape of the site were set to prevail.

The oldest remaining building is the convent that Nano Nagle built for the Ursuline Sisters in 1771. Recent research has shown that many eighteenth-century design details remain, perhaps specified by Nano herself.

The Ursuline sisters thrived here and built extensions to that original building in 1775, 1779, and 1790. When the Ursulines moved to Blackrock in 1825 the buildings passed to the Presentation Sisters (who had been living in another convent built by Nano, the site of which is closely mapped by the current blue Presentation Convent on Douglas Street).

Over the last 4 years the buildings on this site have been preserved and renewed for posterity. These include other historic buildings, like the beautiful chapel designed by the architect George Goldie in 1865, and the large, brick built South Presentation Primary School of 1928, which fronts Douglas Street. Added to this mix of heritage structures are new buildings, such as the Garden Room café, the Western Apex building, and the Heritage Centre reception, along with the newly designed access to the Sisters Graveyard and Nano’s Tomb.

Designed by: Jack Coughlan & Associates

Date: 2017

Location: Douglas Street